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#FAQF “So I can have Physical Therapy without a prescription?! Ooohh Good!!”

yes! Indeed the medical world is changing and as PT’s we are legally allowed to treat patients without a prescription! Best. News. Ever. Right?! Spread the word ya’ll!! .

So here is the scoop, upgrading our educational requirements to Doctors of Physical Therapy gave us the knowledge base to treat patients right off the street, without a prescription. We call this having Direct Access. And yes, it is safe! In fact, given the nature of our full body, multi system approach to evaluations, studies have shown that we are actually some of the best at determining what is going on and who is best suited to help you. If it seems like something is out of our scope of practice, we will refer you to the right place! 
Going to a Physical Therapist first cuts back on time spent going to a million different doctors, getting a million different test, getting put on #opioids, getting #injections , and even getting #surgery . Even if you have no aches and pains your PT can help you with preventative care, health, and wellness. 
Our speciality is helping achieve optimal movement and there is literally nothing that can take the place of movement. To move is to live! 
Not every state and every insurance policy is created equal, so make sure to check with both to get your specifics. .

And yes, that is my mom in the video. So remember, she is watching us and reminding us all that change is happening!

Anique Walters