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My WHY is YOU!


I have recently done a lot of thinking about what the purpose of me being on social media is. I even considered just stopping all together. There is something strange about how wanting follows and likes can deter you from what is really important. To start, the word “follower” doesn’t sit right with me. I am not looking for people to merely follow my vision for change, I am looking for team members that want to advocate for my vision for change

A recent theme in my life has been why. Not what. Not how. WHY. So today I re-start my social presence by bringing my focus back to my why. I changed my handle to something more authentic to me and I am posting part of my video to re-ground myself to my why

My why is YOU

We fight day in and day out to embrace our individuality and I believe your health care treatments should too. You are unique and you should be! So why should your plan of care and treatment be generic? Even if you have the same exact problem as your neighbor, your treatment needs to be different because your experience and your needs are different. Anything short of a highly individualized plan of care specific to you and your world is essentially a shot in the dark. I hear far too often that “Physical Therapy didn’t work for me” and it’s not that PT didn't work, it was simply that it wasn't the right PT treatment for you

My page is here to inspire change within an industry that is in desperate need of an update. As PT's we have the knowledge and the skill, now we just need the support

I invite you to be a part of my team. If you believe what I believe, please help. Share. Post. Talk. Call. Blog. As @jenniferaakersays in The Drangonfly Effect, “you don’t need money or power to cause seismic social change. With energy, focus, and a strong wireless signal, anything is possible." .

Anique Walters