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#FAQF...“I get pain when I sit or stand for a long time because I have really bad posture. Do you think I should get a standing desk? Or sit on a ball?”

To this one I ask right back, what do you think posture really means? Sitting or standing completely still doesn’t really happen. Usually you are in that position for a reason: to type, to eat, to brush your teeth, etc. all of which are motions in conjunction with your “posture”. Our bodies are built to move. @adamwolfpt put it best, “when we stop moving, we die”. So I ask again, what really is good posture? As you watch the video of the gorge @stephlrowe above, keep in mind that no two bodies or spines are a like. Some are straight, some are flat, some are curvy, some people talk about the J- shape, some talk about the S-shape, but the fact of the matter is that they are all different. So perfect posture for you will be different then perfect posture for me. The name of the game is finding out where your body is weak, where your body is shortened, where your body is lengthened and correct the imbalances to find the sweet spot of where you can find a balance of mobility on top of your stability. Our bodies will find both mobility and stability but they may not be in the right places. This is what is commonly discussed as #compensationpatterns. Fixing your posture isn’t about being the perfect distance from the monitor or the perfect seat height because guess what, you can still sit with crappy posture in the most ergonomically correct set up. Our bodies are smart! They figure out the path of least resistance. So in order to truly work on your posture you need to figure out where your imbalances are, work on them, and then the magic really happens once you start to re-wire your brain into knowing what your ideal posture feels like. It takes time. All good things do. Would you ever build a skyscraper with a crumby foundation, weak scaffolding, and not connect the electrical wiring? eh. probably not. So lets not do it with our bodies either. #itdepends . . . . .

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