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#FAQF..."Why do you have to come watch me do things? Can’t you just give me some stretches and exercises?”

t all depends on if you want to just get rid of the pain that you have or if you want to actually get rid of the root of what caused that pain in the first place. Wasting time drives me absolutely nuts. My family actually refers to me as efficiency queen. Fixing the root of the problem is the most efficient way to treat. It may take a little longer on the front end, but if it prevents you from having the problem again, you will ultimately have more time to live your life. Short term investment for a long term gain. 
By coming to you and watching you do the things that are important to you, I can narrow in on exactly where the problem lies. It is impossible to figure that out without getting immersed into your life. If you just start building without understanding all of the details, you are essentially just working to mask the problem, rather than solving the problem. 
PT’s are like mechanics but for the body. Say you get a nail in your tire. You patch it. You can drive on it. For a while at least. Eventually it will be replaced. And perhaps it causes damage to your shock absorbers. Now those need to be replaced. The same is true with our bodies. How can you expect to do a yoga pose and not get hurt if you can’t even breathe correctly? Think about it. (quick, put one hand on your chest, one hand on your belly. Breathe. Your belly should be going in and out and your chest should barely be moving. Is that what is happening? Are your shoulders shrugging up and down? I hope not!) Once the problem is determined then YES! exercises and stretching will be essential! But… your body will need things catered specifically to you. Again, efficiency. I want you to do the things that will give you the most change in the most time effective way. So, when I give you something, it is for a reason. A good reason. I will never, ever give you something that isn’t worth it. . . .

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