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#FAQF... "What is all this Blood Flow stuff?"

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“What the heck is this blood flow stuff?”…. OMG you guys! I feel like a kid that just sent her letter to Santa and now I am anxiously awaiting Christmas morning. Here's a brief intro
The concept of blood flow restriction training for rehab started in the US military. The nature of warfare is constantly changing and so too must the medical world. These medical advancements have allowed for a tremendous increase in survival rate of our soldiers, but as a result, the complexity of their traumas have also increased. To promote a healthy recovery and return to function, a big push for limb salvage began rather than immediately turning to amputation. So the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, TX began using this FDA approved grade one medical device tourniquet system by Delfi, that is typically used in operating rooms throughout the world, to help promote healing. The results have been remarkable and the usage for civilian life is outstanding.
We all know how hard it is to build muscle. Not only is it time consuming, often expensive, and hard work it also is very metabolically expensive so it is difficult to see the results you want. In a rehab setting, you often are not allowed (surgical precautions, tissue loading restriction, endurance levels, etc) to reach the level of intensity required to actually build muscle. The studies show that with this system you will get equal results at 20-30% 1 RM compared to 70-80% 1RM in a HITT class. Or 15 min of cardio compared to 45 min without it.
The implications for the general public are incredible. Post surgically we will be able to build strength earlier. Return to function will happen faster. Elderly people will be able to improve endurance and strength in a tolerable way. Strength improvements in people with neurologic disorders will be possible to a degree to which they never have before. People in comas will be able to maintain some degree of muscle tone. The possibilities are seriously endless.
The NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, MLS, military, and astronauts are using this technology. And once I get it in the mail, YOU will get it too!
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