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Fight for something!


Now that the Mayweather-McGregor fight is over and the Sunday Scaries are starting to set in, I started thinking about how important it is to fight for something.
Over the past few weeks I have witnessed the mental, physical and emotional tenacity of a friend and a family member that are both fighting like hell for their lives. They have inspired me to want to fight harder. And I believe it takes facing something you fear head on to develop that type of grit.
So I signed up for the LA Marathon. I recognize this does not hold an ounce of weight compared to what they are going through, but it is something I fear and that quite frankly I don’t want to do. It will take mental, physical and emotional toughness. It will hurt. I will want to quit. But I will survive. And it will teach me to fight.
And now that I have told all of you, I can’t back out!
What are you fighting for and what opportunities are you taking to strengthen your grit?
26.2 I'm coming for you March 18th, 2018-AAW

Anique Walters